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The new year is fast approaching, and while I’m well aware of the fact that it’s cliché, but it’s a great time to gently shift the focus toward good habits, health, fitness, and being kind to ourselves. We live in a world where stress is rife, and we’re pushed into unhealthy habits such as too much sitting and eating things that aren’t necessarily good for us.

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And the good thing is that you can use technology to help you with your health and fitness goals! 

Best fitness gadgets

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iPhone (price varies per model)

At the core of my fitness gadgets is my iPhone. You could use an Android device for sure, but for me, the vast array of gadgets and apps that are available for the iOS platform makes it a winner for me.

Pretty much all my fitness devices flow data into my iPhone in one way or another, and it that way it is an indispensable part of my day-to-day fitness plan. Whether it is tracking a workout, or keeping an eye on my sleep or weight, the iPhone offers a complete and total window into my fitness world.

And despite all my misgivings over the iPhone and the iOS platform, for me, it’s the best platform out there.

Soundcore Spirit ProSoundcore Spirit Pro

Soundcore Spirit Pro

Soundcore Spirit Pro for $39

One of the things core to my fitness training has been having comfortable earbuds that don’t get wreaked by sweat, have a long battery life, and don’t cost the earth. Soundcore earbuds have been a long-term favorite of mine, and the Spirit Pro combines robustness, good sound, and 10-hour battery life in a single package.

Withings BPM CoreWithings BPM Core

Withings BPM Core

Withings BPM Core (UK-only)

A 3-in-1 health monitor that combines a blood pressure monitor with an ECG for detecting atrial fibrillation, and a digital stethoscope that is used to detect valvular heart diseases. Great for keeping an eye on things between visits to the doctor’s office.

Apple Watch 5Apple Watch 5

Apple Watch 5

Apple Watch 5 for $399+

There are a lot of smartwatch fitness devices out there, and the Apple Watch is not only one of the best, but it is also the most popular smartwatch by far. It can do all sorts of things, from tracking your steps to keeping an eye on your heart health.

If you can live with a daily — or at the least every other day — charging routine, then the Apple Watch is worth considering.

HeartMath Inner BalanceHeartMath Inner Balance

HeartMath Inner Balance

HeartMath Inner Balance for $129+

The Inner Balance is a heart rate monitor with a difference. Rather than giving you a beats per minute number, the Inner Balance measures something called Heart Rate Variability, which is a heart metric that gives an insight into stress levels and recovery.

Hyperice HypervoltHyperice Hypervolt

Hyperice Hypervolt

Hyperice Hypervolt for $349

Recovery is key to being able to continue training, and a tool that I’ve found to be invaluable is the Hyperice Hypervolt vibrating massage tool.

This tool is lightweight, cordless, and designed to deliver targeted deep tissue massage to help get rid of those knots in worked muscles, relieve common muscle pain and stiffness, and improve mobility — thanks to its three adjustable speed settings delivering up to 3,200 percussions per minute.

PowerDot 2.0PowerDot 2.0

PowerDot 2.0

PowerDot 2.0 for $199

See it now: Amazon

An electric muscle stimulator and TENS unit like no other. This one you control from an app and comes with a range of specific programs designed for pain relief, relaxation, injury prevention, and sports performance. It is also a great way to melt away the stresses of the day.

Withings Body CardioWithings Body Cardio

Withings Body Cardio

Withings Body Cardio for $150

I was never been one for jumping on the scales with any regularity, but I knew that it was time to get that fixed. And if I can keep an eye on a few other metrics while I’m at it, so much the better.

The scale I chose was the Withings Body Cardio, which along with logging weight also measures several other things, such as body fat and lean mass. It also beams this data to the cloud and makes it available to other apps for logging and processing.

The Withings Body Cardio is a rechargeable device, but it lasts a good 12 months between recharges, and I’ve only recharged mine three times in the time I’ve owned it (I don’t let the battery go flat and do a recharge when I wipe it down).

Everysight RaptorEverysight Raptor

Everysight Raptor

Everysight Raptor for $599

AR glasses for cycling that project real-time information such as speed and also connects to sensors such as heart rate and cadence, allowing the rider to keep their eyes on the road or trail. The Raptor also features a built-in HD camera for recording rides.

Garmin InstinctGarmin Instinct

Garmin Instinct

Garmin Instinct for $300

If your life is too extreme for a wearable like the Apple Watch, then the Garmin Instinct may be for you. This is a rugged GPS watch was built to withstand the toughest environments. It allows you to train smart no matter where in the world you are and has a battery life of up to 14 days.

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