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With a near “all-screen” design that barely has a bezel, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is one of the prettiest phones we’ve ever seen, but it’s also very fragile. Even if you opt for the smaller model over the monster 6.7-inch version, you’re going to want to buy a case for your brand new thousand-dollar handset. We’re here to help you pick out one that will fit well, keep it safe, and of course, look good. We’ll keep updating this list as we test new cases, but here are our favorite picks so far:

ESR Metal Kickstand

ESR Metal Kickstand

Price: $19

Colors: Clear, black

Why we love it: The Note 10+ has such a giant screen, you’re going to want to watch movies on it. And when you do, you’re going to want to prop it up on something. That’s why we love the added kickstand on this ESR case. The clear housing lets your phone shine bright, while the flexible design makes it easy to remove. But the killer feature is the kickstand. We’ve seen other cases with pop-out kickstands, but ESR’s is metal, which is strong enough to hold the phone in either orientation without fear of toppling over. You will, however, need to get used to the small bump created by the kickstand on the otherwise slim case.

Otterbox Symmetry Clear

otterbox symmetry clear note 10

Price: $50

Colors: Clear

Why we love it: The Otterbox Symmetry Series clear case is minimal in design, but not in terms of protection. The entire case is clear, allowing you to show off your Note 10’s shiny new colors, and the stiff buttons produce a satisfying and audible click for each press. One thing that threw us off, however, is a soft spot on the right side for the power button—except the power button isn’t there anymore. We’re hoping it was a hedge on the possibility of a power button, and that Otterbox updates the Symmetry case to match the rest of the case’s perimeter in texture and feel. But even with that weird anomaly, it’s still a great case.

ESR Mimic

ESR Mimic

Price: $19

Colors: Clear

Why we love it: If there’s one thing that’s common across all of the cases we test, it’s that as soon as we pop one on, we lose the premium look and feel of the Galaxy Note’s glass back. The Mimic case from ESR doesn’t have that problem. The back of the case is made of tempered glass, which looks like, or shall we say mimics, the back of your Note 10. There’s a nice ridge around the back that should minimize scratches when it’s lying on a table, while the smooth feel doesn’t cheapen the Note 10 in the slightest.

UAG Plyo

uag plyo series note 10

Price: $40

Colors: Clear

Why we love it: You can always count on Urban Armor Gear to deliver sturdy cases that are reasonably priced, and the Plyo case fits that mold. It’s mostly clear with grey in each corner. When you look at the back just right, there’s a grid of lines that add a neat effect to your phone’s color, while also creating a grippy texture. Our only concern about the Plyo case is that the buttons are a little soft and could potentially tear over time, but by then you’ll probably be ready for your next Note anyway.

Otterbox Commuter

otterbox commuter note 10

Price: $40

Colors: Black, pink

Why we love it: The Commuter series case consists of a rubber case that hugs your phone and fits snugly into a hard polycarbonate outer shell. Together, the two pieces protect your phone from drops. The Commuter case surprisingly doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the Note 10, considering how rugged it is. It’s available in classic black, but we really like the “ballet way pink” version of the case, which reminds us of the Not Pink Pixel 3.

UAG Plasma

uag plasma series note 10

Price: $40

Colors: Ash, ice

Why we love it: The UAG Plasma case is a bit bulkier than the Plyo series, so it’ll add slightly more protection to your Note 10. The corners and the rear design have UAG’s trademark rugged look. The cool pattern and aggressive bumpers work together to add nice grip and excellent protection for your phone. We particularly like how the oversized buttons make it easier to find and push the power and volume controls, and how just enough of the Note’s actual color shines though.

ESR Essential Zero

ESR Essential Zero

Price: $11

Colors: Clear

Why we love it: If you’re looking for a clean and slim clear case, then the ERS Essential Slim is a good place to start. The entire case is soft and flexible, but it still provides a layer of protection from accidental bumps and drops. If we had to pick a drawback, it’s that the material feels a little slick to the touch—but certainly less so than a case-less Note 10.

Incipio Transform

incipio transform note 10

Price: $40

Colors: Smoke, clear

Why we love it: The Incipio Transform case isn’t much to look at on its own, but it’s thin, lightweight, and looks great when wrapped around a Note 10. The buttons are easy to press, and the case snugly hugs the phone. Bonus: If you spring for the Note 10+ 5G, Incipio promises the case won’t interfere with a 5G signal. We can’t verify those claims (honestly, we didn’t even realize it was a thing), but we can say the Transform case is a great option that adds minimal bulk to your Note.

UAG Monarch

uag monarch note 10

Price: $60

Colors: Black, crimson

Why we love it: While it’s slightly bigger than the Plasma, UAG’s Monarch case has similarly rugged design cues. Instead of semi-transparent material, there’s faux metal and leather. The textured rubber grip on either edge makes it easy to hold onto your Note 10. The buttons are once again oversized, and probably our favorite button setup on Note 10 cases thus far. You can’t go wrong with either color, but we really like the red-and-black combination.

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