The latest patch for Call of Duty Mobile will introduce the highly anticipated Zombies mode into the game while also adding controller support. The mobile shooter that’s quickly skyrocketed up the App Store charts launched in early October and accumulated 100 million players in just its first week. There’s clearly something about having the experience of headshots and gunplay on smartphones that appeals to the masses.

Zombies mode is coming to Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Release Date

The developers of Call of Duty Mobile announced on the game’s official subreddit that the update will be rolling out around the world at 12 a.m. EST on November 23. This “massive update,” according to the Activision developers, includes the Zombies mode, controller support and more unannounced content like new maps. A Battle Pass, that will allow you to earn extra content by completing daily and weekly challenges, will be available in the game on November 25.

Currently, players are unable to start up the Zombie mode on the app since the button is completely greyed out. With this update, it will finally be time to slay countless AI shambling corpses in a race against time and resources. The Zombies mode has always been a much-loved aspect of the CoD franchise since it was first introduced in Call of Duty: World at War. Players must defend their base from waves of computer-controlled undead they try to eat their way through protected areas of the map. As the waves go on, the difficulty of the game grows and it gets harder to stay alive.

This mode could bring a massive influx of gamers to their smartphones and maybe even briefly distract them from playing Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty Mobile Controller Support

When CoD Mobile was in Beta, users could use and connect Bluetooth controllers to help improve their game. That feature was removed when the game initially launched, forcing those who want to use a controller to use third-party apps or workarounds. Being able to connect your PlayStation 4 or Xbox controller through the app will make for an even smoother experience. Default touch screens are nice, but controllers make it that much easier.

When controller support is introduced over the coming hours, we imagine peripheral players will be sectioned off into different lobbies than those using screens. This concept was discussed by Activision VP of Mobile Chris Plummer in early October. “In terms of peripherals, we are looking at the possibility and have already been testing controller support with a portion of our live audience. It is very important to us that we maintain fair balance across the game…

“One example of this is we have separate lobbies in Battle Royale for first-person perspective and third-person perspective players since you have the option to choose either in Battle Royale. We may implement a similar solution for players using controllers if needed,” Plummer told HyperBeat.

More information about the next patch should be released sometime over the next day.

How do you feel about Zombies finally coming to Call of Duty Mobile? Tell us in the comments.

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