Tracking and comparing elevation

Another unique feature that I believe this application would need to have is the ability to discern differences in elevation. In the show, Dragon Balls are spread across the entire world. They may end up in rivers or buried underneath some dirt. So once we are able to get the user a Dragon Ball’s location, we need to inform the user if the Dragon Ball is above or beneath them.

An idea I had on how to solve this would be to take the location that the radar is pulling in, log the elevation of the location, and compare it to the elevation of whatever is the nearest landmass to it. In the example I have designed, I used a neighborhood in Bakersfield, California as a Dragon Ball location, which has an elevation of 404 feet. If the Dragon Radar logged the Dragon Ball at 402 feet, the interface would inform the user that the Dragon Radar is most likely underground and that they need to be prepared to do some minor excavating.

Once the user picks the Dragon Ball they want to go after, it would bring up the location info. Depending on the detected location and elevation, the user would be prompted with a suggestion.

The user may also have the option to share the location of the Dragon Ball (Goku and his friends have had to go on searches in groups before). Assuming that the journey is going to be long and arduous, it may also be beneficial to allow a user to plan their trip to a particular place. This could involve allowing them to look for places near the area they are traveling to, such as hotels, restaurants, stores, and gas stations.

From this point, the application could highlight a route for them and allow them to choose between different modes of travel (car, bus, walking, biking). They would then begin their journey.

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