Just in case Galaxy Note 9 owners were not bothered enough by the stronger and stronger possibility of the One UI 2.1 update skipping their devices, an alarmingly high number of users have an arguably bigger problem to deal with.

The exact manifestation of the bug appears to differ slightly from case to case, but it’s safe to assume the issues are indeed related and most likely caused by the same underlying malfunction. While we wouldn’t call the affected Note 9 units unusable, we also wouldn’t blame you if you found them impossible to look at after experiencing screen discoloration for a few hours.

Some of the pictures shared by affected users to showcase their plight are even painful to look at for a few seconds, let alone live with until Samsung rolls out some sort of a fix. What’s worse is the company doesn’t seem to be acknowledging the software-related root cause of these display problems, even though they all appear to have begun manifesting themselves after the March 2020 security update.

Something about that must have completely messed up the otherwise gorgeous Super AMOLED screen on the Galaxy Note 9, turning it yellow (or green), reducing its resolution, and even making the phone on the whole randomly heat up while the weird discoloration behavior takes place.

For the time being, nothing seems to return the device to normal for more than a few minutes, which is why Samsung “product experts” are recommending taking the defective Note 9 units to official repair centers to check if the flaw is hardware-related after all. Then again, that might not be possible in many places due to the coronavirus pandemic, which means some folks are probably stuck waiting for a software fix… that could never come.

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