A 427ft (130m) pyramid-sized asteroid is about to hurtle past our planet on Sunday, NASA has announced. According to NASA’s Centre for Near-Earth Object Studies, the object, dubbed VH5 2019, will harmlessly skim past Earth around 4.27 million miles from our planet at 22,000mph (35,000kmh).

The rock will be coming in for its close encounter with Earth in the pre-dawn hours of the morning, zooming past us at 9.24am GMT (4.24am ET)

At 187ft by 426.5ft, the asteroid is “pyramid-shaped” and almost as large as the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The asteroid is one of five due to fly past Earth over the weekend, all at safe distances.

The last time asteroid 2019 VH5 flew so close to Earth was in 1983.

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Debris would fly so high into the atmosphere it would escape Earth’s gravity and orbit around the planet, as well as spilling out into space.

Asteroid 2019 VH5 will be followed by a considerably smaller space rock, due to dash by for a swift visit late in the night.

Asteroid 2019 XY is believed to be only 49ft wide and will be making its close approach to Earth in the early morning, buzzing our planet at 4.54am GMT (11.54pm ET).

Unlike its predecessor, the asteroid will creep in a lot closer to Earth’s surface, whizzing by at 29,200 mph (47,000kmh) from a short distance of just 753,300 miles away — a little over three times the lunar distance.

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