PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett – which one is better? Well, though it’s a touch too early to definitively tell just yet, we do have some details and specifications that we can use to create a limited comparison between the two next-generation consoles.

After Sony unleashed some of the first details regarding the next-generation PlayStation 5 at the end of April and Microsoft unveiled the first details of its vision for the next-generation Xbox codenamed Project Scarlett at E3 2019, we certainly know more than we did at the beginning of the year.

Regardless, keep this page bookmarked because as we learn new details about each console we’ll update this feature – and the current winner results accordingly.

So… FIGHT! Or something. Also please note, the ‘wins’ and ‘losses’ are only based on what we know now in pitting the two consoles against each other; a lot can, and likely will, change.

Updated 14/6: Added in physical disc drive comparison

How Does PS5 Compare To Xbox Scarlett?

PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett – CPU

PS5 CPU: We know that the PS5 is packing an eight-core, third-gen variant of AMD’s Ryzen CPU – what we don’t know at this point are the clock speeds, however. Nonetheless, even in the absence of such specifics, it’s clear that PS5 is a technological monster in this regard.

Xbox Scarlett CPU: No details were revealed about the sort of CPU that Project Scarlett will have – which is odd given that Microsoft was much more forthcoming about the GPU side of things…

Current Winner: PS5

PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett – GPU & Visuals

PS5 GPU & Visuals: Along side its mammoth CPU, PS5 also boasts cutting edge AMD Navi tech where its GPU is concerned. When taken in tandem with the CPU, this not only means that the PS5 is capable of outputting some incredible visuals at 8K resolution, but that it is also wholly capable of rendering all manner of fancy effects (such as Ray Tracing) at high resolutions, too.

Xbox Scarlett GPU & Visuals: Seemingly neck and neck with the PS5, Project Scarlett will also boast AMD silicon for its GPU, boasting AMD Navi technology that permits 8K visuals, 4K visuals at 60/120 frames per second, real-time raytracing (Microsoft went a step further here stating that the raytracing would be hardware accelerated) which results in a machine that is four times more powerful than Xbox One X. This looks like a tie to us.

Current Winner: Tie

PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett – Memory

PS5 Memory: Though we have no idea as to how much RAM that PS5 will pack into its chassis, we can comfortably expect it to be somewhat north of the 8GB currently housed in the PS4 and PS4 Pro. 16GB seems like a safe bet to us.

Xbox Scarlett Memory: It was announced that Project Scarlett will use screamingly fast GDDR6 memory (PS4 Pro and Xbox One X use GDDR5 by comparison), but we don’t know in what amount quite yet.

Current Winner: Tie

PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett – Storage Solution

PS5 Storage Solution: We know that the PS5 is ditching a regular HDD for something more exotic – namely a super-fast, proprietary SSD which boasts massively improved access and load times. What we don’t know, is just how much storage this will drive will provide players with at launch – our guess is 1TB.

Xbox Scarlett Storage Solution: Like the PS5, Project Scarlett will include a super fast SSD to completely reduce loading times. We don’t know how much it will be able to store either at this point, so all things look equal.

Current Winner: Tie

PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett – Backwards Compatibility

PS5 Backwards Compatibility: Keen to not make the same mistake as last time (thanks in no small part to the PS3’s shall we say, ‘unique’ architecture), Sony have confirmed that the PS5 will play PS4 games, have crossplay between PS4 and PS5 and will also support use of PS4 saves, too.

Xbox Scarlett Backwards Compatibility: Already leading the field in the backwards compatibility stakes with the Xbox One X which can play two previous generations of Xbox games natively, it should come as little surprise that Microsoft have doubled down on this feature for their next-generation Xbox, by saying that the machine will satisfy users across four generations of Xbox content. Given how PS5 will likely only be directly compatible with PS4 games and perhaps have to stream the other two (or emulate PS2 game shabbily) MS has the lead here.

Current Winner: Microsoft

PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett – Controller

PS5 Controller: Sony has yet to show off or provide any details regarding the controller that the PS5 will use.

Xbox Scarlett Controller: Presumably, Microsoft will use a variation of the latest iteration of the Elite Controller that they showcased at E3 2019, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Current Winner: Not known

PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett – Physical Disc Drive

PS5 Physical Disc Drive: A physical disc drive has been confirmed for PS5 – what format it will be (4K Blu Ray etc.) we do not know as yet.

Xbox Scarlett Controller: Microsoft have confirmed that Project Scarlett will use a physical drive. Given that Xbox One X and Xbox One S both use 4K Blu Ray drives, I can’t imagine Scarlett employing anything lesser.

Current Winner: Not known

PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett – Price

PS5 Price: Sony has yet to provide a price for the PS5, but £399/$499 seems likely we think.

Xbox Scarlett Price: Like Sony, Microsoft provided no clue as to the price of Project Scarlett.

Current Winner: Not known

PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett – Release Date

PS5 Release Date: No release date for the PS5 has been provided yet, but we do know that a 2019 release has been ruled out and instead, a 2020 release now looks likely.

Xbox Scarlett Release Date: Project Scarlett will release in Holiday 2020 – that’s a fact. Sony however, has been less than forthcoming at this point.

Current Winner: Project Scarlett.

PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett – Games

PS5 Games: Though Sony has been coy in confirming the fate of its first-party offerings on PS5, we know that a lot of third-party publishers are gearing up to support PS5 with titles such as Call of Duty, Cyberpunk 2077, The Elder Scrolls VI, Starfield and more, while other longer-running titles such as Rainbow Six: Siege have been confirmed to make the leap to PS5 as well.

Xbox Scarlett Games: Well, we know that Project Scarlett will release with Halo Infinite, but beyond that we don’t know anything else. This effectively makes it a tie between the two consoles as Sony hasn’t been forthcoming about their software line-up either.

Current Winner: Tie

Over to you, Sony!

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