Back in December, it was announced that PUBG Mobile would have a crossover event with Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 as a way to promote both games. The crossover event is now live after downloading the latest update, and it seems even more ambitious in scope than previously believed.

The PUBG Mobile Resident Evil 2 event is mainly featured in the Zombie: Survive Till Dawn mode, which will be available in the game for a limited time. Zombie: Survive Till Dawn adds a Resident Evil 2 flavor to the standard Erangel map, giving players the chance to fight against zombies, Lickers, and even the Mr. X tyrant.

The Mr. X tyrant was one of the most popular elements of the Resident Evil 2 remake, becoming the subject of many memes and videos since the game’s launch. Considering Mr. X’s popularity, it’s no surprise that he’s featured front and center in the new PUBG Mobile event.

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Besides the Resident Evil 2 content, the latest update to PUBG Mobile also makes some other changes to the game. For one, it adds the Sanhok jungle map to Quick Matches in Arcade, and secondly, moonlight was added to Vikendi. The Vikendi snow map is still in beta on PUBG Mobile, so it’s possible more changes could come in the future.

There’s no word yet if the Resident Evil 2 crossover event will come to other versions of PUBG, but it seems like it’s only planned for the mobile version for now. It seems that the mobile version of PUBG is the most popular version of the game, especially outside the US, so it does make some sense that it’s getting some extra attention.

In fact, PUBG Mobile is so popular outside the US that it has actually caused some problems. There was a reported incident of a man leaving his pregnant wife because of his addiction to the game, and there have been multiple calls for the government of India to outright ban it. So far none of these efforts have succeeded, but it goes to show that the game has a dedicated fanbase, with some fans perhaps being a little too dedicated.

PUBG Mobile is out now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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