All of the apps you’ll find in the 2020 Limited Edition Mac Bundle, has to offer.

Why debate between using Mac or Windows OS when you can have both? Parallels Desktop 15 allows Mac users to run thousands of Windows programs on their device (without compromising on performance or rebooting). Nearly seven million other users vouch for the service.

PDFs are the file-sharing standard for many organizations to transfer documents. The issue, however, is that they can be a pain to edit once you’ve converted the file. The PDF Expert allows you to rework documents and edit text, images, links, and outlines in PDF forms.

Aurora HDR 2019 is a leading photo editor that can intelligently and automatically eliminate noise in your photos. Pair that with its collection of creative filters and you’ll be able to elevate your favorite images in a flash.

Dubbed as the “Swiss Army Knife of Apple Devices,” iMazing organizes your data and files across various devices — iPhone, iPad, iPods and otherwise. The tool lets you manage your backups, extract important text messages, copy music, access your voicemail and more. It’s an especially great peace of mind when you’re upgrading phones and need to make sure all your essentials are copied over.

You’ve got big ideas for 2020. Organize them all in one, a clean chart with the XMind 8 Pro, a mind mapping program that can help connect the dots of your business plans, customer relationships, presentations and more. XMind 8 Pro also comes with a number of creative templates, fonts, and icons to make your charts really stand out.

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For most, personal finance isn’t a walk in the park. It’s tough to consolidate all of our spending across multiple credit cards and bank accounts in real-time. A proactive step you can take is investing in Banktivity 7, which aggregates all of your accounts into one place, giving you reporting on your spending and breaking down your net worth over time.

With so much of our work life living online, our Mac is rendered pretty much useless with an Internet connection. NetSpot Pro can help ensure your internet connection is running at top speed by displaying network dead zones, ensuring hotspots are correctly placed and troubleshooting your wireless network.

VPNs are an absolute must if you want to ensure your website browsing is safe and secure. Windscribe, for instance, is designed to keep your personal information away from prying eyes (especially when you’re on public networks), as well as gives you access to geo-locked content, blocking unwanted ads and improving your web surfing speeds.

Is your New Year’s resolution to finally redesign or renovate your home? For those having trouble bringing their vision to life or even seeing their vision at all, Live Home 3D Pro is a great place to start. This Mac app helps you design advanced 2D floor plans, complete with doors, windows, furniture, and light sources, all with a simple point-and-click tool.

Productivity is all about streamlining the little inefficiencies that add up. One big time-waster many of us don’t take stock of is typing, especially considering there are auto-fill shortcuts out there that can quickly fix typos, complete words and phrases, and auto-fill forms. TextExpander does all of the above, as well as learn from your typing behavior to help personalize its auto-fill suggestions.

For anyone looking to build a website of their very own (but without years of coding knowledge on their CV) meet RapidWeaver 8. This design app is best-known for its beginner-friendly interface that lets you choose from over 50 responsive website templates and 1,500 add-ons to build out a site that speaks to you.

Accidents are part of life — there’s no way around that. But there are ways you can minimize your computing mistakes to ensure you can recover important documents and files that have gone missing. Disk Drill Pro, for instance, is built to recover over 200 different types of files (photos, video, documents and music among them) on your computer so you can breathe easy if you accidentally hit the delete button.

Whether it’s because of your line of business or simply your bad habits, you’re a digital hoarder who has hundreds (if not thousands) of files stored somewhere on your computer. To help make sense of your digital storage, DeltaWalker can compare and synchronize hundreds of files and folders side-by-side. If you have multiple versions of the same file, you’ll be able to easily see the documents alongside each other and merge them into the same folder or delete them completely.

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